Cantor Fitzgerald Signature Event

Learn Excel Now is excited to partner with Cantor Fitzgerald to bring you a series of customized events that will help empower you with the essential tools and knowledge necessary for mastering excel.

Welcome to your Cantor Fitzgerald portal. Here you will find pre-event activities before each program, as well resources including handouts and event recordings. Be sure to visit often for updates!

Workshop 1

Formulas and Functions 101

June, Wednesday 29th at 4:30 PM EST

Join us for this 90-minute interactive instructor-led training to get more done in less time and build foundational Excel skills. 
You’ll learn: 

  • Steps to create formulas to automate calculations (add, subtract, multiply and divide)
  • Popular aggregate functions to analyze your data like a pro
  • Easy solutions for simplifying long-winded formulas
  • How to avoid common “copying formula pitfalls”
  • Expert methods to verify formula accuracy
  • BONUS – All attendees will receive an Excel Shortcuts cheat sheet

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Click Here for ‘A Guide to Xlookup Handout

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Click Here for Excel – A Guide to Absolute Cell References Handout

Click Here for Array Formulas handout

Click Here for Text Functions Handout

Click Here for Formulas Handout

Workshop 2

Excel Updates: New Formulas You Need to Know

July, Thursday 7th at 4:30 PM EST

Join us for this 90-minute interactive instructor-led training we’ll cover these updates and new formulas (found in the latest version of Excel), review in a 20-minute online lab – and have time for questions to follow. 

You’ll walk away equipped to:

  • Build and use new formulas with confidence and ease
  • Review your own spreadsheets for areas for refinement
  • Manage Excel lists more effectively
  • Use updated best practices for sorting
  • BONUS: All registrants will receive a quick reference eGuide containing how-to’s for navigating the newest features and functions, plus dozens of useful shortcuts!

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Your Speaker

Mike Thomas is a subject matter expert in a range of technologies, although his primary focus and passion is Excel and Power BI. In a career spanning 30+ years, he has delivered thousands of training courses on a wide variety of technology-related topics.

In 2012 Mike founded where he has produced nearly 200 written and video-based Excel tutorials. He also runs 2 YouTube Channels and has recorded several video-based training courses for

Mike is a Fellow of The Learning and Performance Institute and has worked with and for many global and UK-based companies and organizations across a diverse range of sectors.
In addition to training, he also designs and develops Microsoft Office-based solutions that automate key business tasks and processes.