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Learn Excel Now is built to help you achieve real-world goals and a practical understanding of Microsoft® Excel® with self-paced training and time-friendly, user-friendly courses. By completing our concise, easy to understand courses, you can increase productivity, gain new insights from your data, and create high-quality presentations that will set you apart. In addition, our Library of free content and our Resources can provide you with instant solutions to pressing Excel needs.

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Learn the essentials of Microsoft Office with our expert-led, online & custom workshops. Become a master of the entire Microsoft Office suite, including Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, Office 365 and more

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We’ll work together to customize a suite of courses based on your specific industry, employee needs, and company goals. This can include virtual or onsite training sessions specific to your organization or a consultative arrangement for a specific project

For over 20 years, Learn Excel Now has empowered individuals to master Excel. Hear from our satisfied customers about their experiences and the real-world results they've achieved.

This course will help me save tons of time while I analyze and re-analyze large, ugly spreadsheets!
I have now been able to create reports and maximize my efficiency in Excel to make reporting and presentations better and more understandable to clients. Not to mention I have become much faster with using the program.
The speaker was very knowledgeable and the presentation was well organized. Overall very professional!
I learned how to save time while I develop & update logs for financials and other office data!

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