Custom Onsite Group Training

Develop a practical understanding of Microsoft Excel through live, in-person training classes

Customized Onsite Training through Learn Excel Now enable business professionals like you to gain a functional understanding of Microsoft Excel and master an array of Excel functions that will improve your efficiency and productivity.

Learn Excel Now is designed to help professional leaders and the teams they manage achieve real-world goals and a practical understanding of Microsoft Excel. Our on-site, customizable training options help ensure that you will be getting the most value from your training budget as the learning lessons will be catered specifically to the pain points your organization is experiencing. 

Defining characteristics of our custom on-site, fully-customized Microsoft Excel coursework:

  1. Start by mastering the essentials of Microsoft Excel
    • Learn the fundamentals of Microsoft Office programs before building your skills through more complex steps.
    • Training opportunities include Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Office 365, Microsoft Powerpoint, and Outlook.
  2. Participate in LIVE on-site training sessions at your location
    • Learn Excel Now hosts live classes taught by an experienced Microsoft Suites instructor.
    • Collaborate, have your questions answered, and gain valuable insights during your group’s sessions.
  3. Complete coursework according to your schedule demands
    • Learn Excel Now courses present your team with the opportunity to work at its own pace. Learn effectively without schedule conflicts.
  4. Learn easy tips and tricks for maximizing your efficiency
    • Our experts will create personalized presentations that will provide you with helpful formulas & functions to use for your specific requirements.
    • They will also include resources that provide you with a plethora of tips, tricks, and methods you can use to enhance your organizations productivity through Excel.
  5. Learn Excel Now is customizable
    • We can work with you to develop training components that meet your industry, business, and employees’ unique needs.

Learning how to master Microsoft Office programs in a relaxed environment can increase your retention of the material, and further, the self-paced course schedule enables students to take their time and learn at their own speed.


Microsoft’s suite of programs can help working professionals enable, organize, and streamline standard office processes, but the various features included in the suite aren’t always easy to learn. If you or your team struggle to utilize the myriad of Microsoft Office’s features, we’re here to help.

Learn Excel Now utilizes a customizable training strategy that not only teaches office professionals to utilize Excel’s formulas and functions, but also offers numerous additional workshops to enhance your team’s understanding of the entire suite of Microsoft programs. 

Instruction Capabilities include:

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Microsoft Outlook

Our in-person, practical classes cover the essentials of any Microsoft Office program your organization uses. Work with experienced instructors who provide straightforward instructions for students of all skill levels. 

Why Learn Excel Now?

Good question. Seasoned professionals design our learning initiatives. The courses that we provide were written by instructors who routinely teach working professionals to harness the benefits that mastering Microsoft Office’s suite of programs presents. Learn Excel Now is a customizable program that allows you and your team to focus on the elements of Microsoft that you actually use so that you can make the most of your training. Go from a beginner to a master with Learn Excel Now.

The Process

We will work with you to determine your desired employee performance and help combine it with the right course options. We always use the most effective training method for the situation, and we stand by our ability to teach program mastery.

Regardless of your team’s experience level or the specific program their needs apply to, we have a solution to offer. When working with Learn Excel Now, you can take advantage of the following features:

  • Trusted Instruction
    • Our seasoned instructors and industry experts are constantly expanding their knowledge and they remain up-to-date on changes affecting Microsoft Office’s suite of programs
  • Build the program you want
    • Customize your learning experience to fit your organization’s needs.
  • Learn on your schedule
    • Learn Excel Now courses are customizable so that you and your team can take your time mastering Microsoft functions to meet your organizations specific needs.
  • Robust Support
    • You’re not alone when you work with us, as we offer student support even after live classes have passed.
  • Work as a team by training on-site
    • Ensure that every member of your team has access to Excel courses both now and moving forward as they progress through their career.

Training Formats:
In-person training options are designed with a number of features included

  • Self-Paced Coursework
  • Excel Foundations
  • Live, On-site Classes
  • Virtual Workshops that can be customized based on your requirements
  • Library Articles
  • Supplementary Online Resources
  • Micro Courses

Let’s get in touch

Reach out to us on (484) 259-7664 or (800) 964-6033, drop us an email at, or engage in a conversation with our seasoned program advisors by clicking on the chat button. Alternatively, you can share your information using our inquiry form, accessible here.