Custom Virtual Group Training

Develop a practical understanding of Microsoft Excel through customized virtual workshops

Virtual workshops through Learn Excel Now enable business professionals to gain a functional understanding of Microsoft Excel and master an array of Excel functions that will improve your efficiency and productivity.

Learn Excel Now is designed to help professional leaders and the teams they manage achieve real-world goals and a practical understanding of Microsoft Excel. Our custom virtual training options allow us to build a unique training sessions that are specific to your organizations requirements.

Defining characteristics of our virtual, self-paced Microsoft Excel coursework:

  1. Start by mastering the essentials of Microsoft Excel in your own environment
    • Learn the fundamentals of Microsoft Office programs before moving on to more complex lessons
    • Training opportunities include Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Office 365, Microsoft Powerpoint, and Outlook.
  2. Engaging, research-backed virtual training programs that are crafted for lasting impact
    • Participation and interactivity aren’t limited by the 4 walls of a classroom or a single physical location
  3. Participants will experience the same interactivity as they would in a face-to-face classroom environment
    • We combine all the traditional elements of classroom training with additional functionality such as chat, message boards, and breakout rooms
    • Instructors remain open to questions and comments by hosting dedicated collaborative time during training sessions
  4. Without the need for a physical meeting/training room and no need to travel, participants spend less time out of the office, incur fewer transportation costs, and can attend from any location – anywhere in the world!
    • Similar to traditional training, detailed attendance and participation information can be provided.
  5. Instead of delivering training that lasts for hours or days, smaller sessions of live instructor-led training can be extended over a longer period
    • This ensures that participants remain engaged and focused
    • Slides, notes, and presentation documents can be provided to sharpen retention
  6. The content is yours forever!
    • The event recording and materials are yours to rewatch and share as you choose.

Learning how to master Microsoft Office programs in a relaxed environment can increase your retention of the material, and further, the customized schedule enables your team to best schedule the sessions to have the most impact.


Microsoft’s suite of programs can be immensely beneficial in enabling, organizing, and streamlining standard office processes, but the features and functions of the Microsoft Office Suite various programs aren’t always straightforward. If you or members of your team are struggling to harness the entirety of Microsoft’s many capabilities, you owe it to yourself to step into a new learning venture. 

Learn Excel Now utilizes a customizable training strategy that not only teaches office professionals to utilize Excel’s formulas and functions, but also offers numerous additional workshops to enhance your team’s understanding of the entire suite of Microsoft programs. 

Instruction Capabilities include:

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Microsoft Word
  • Microsoft Powerpoint
  • Microsoft Outlook

Our customizable virtual workshops cover the essentials of each Microsoft program and provides straightforward instructions for students of all skill levels. 

Why Learn Excel Now?

Good question. Our platform and training techniques have been designed by experienced professionals and the courses that we provide were written by instructors who routinely teach working professionals to harness the benefits that mastering Microsoft Office’s suite of programs presents. Learn Excel Now is a customizable program that allows you and your team to focus on the programs you use so that you can make the most of your training. Go from a beginner to a master with Learn Excel Now.

The Process

We will work with you to determine your desired employee performance and help combine it with the right course options. We always use the most effective training method for the situation, and we stand by our ability to teach program mastery.

Regardless of your team’s experience level or the precise program their needs apply to, we have a solution to offer. When working with Learn Excel Now, you can take advantage of the following features:

  • Trusted Instruction
    • Our seasoned instructors and industry experts are constantly expanding their knowledge and they remain up-to-date on changes affecting Microsoft Office’s suite of programs
  • Build the program you want
    • Customize your learning experience to fit your organization’s needs.
  • Learn on your schedule
    • Develop 60-minute to multi-day presentations.
  • Get everyone on the same page
    • Ensure your team learns the same skills 
    • Promote workplace collaboration
  • Save money – Train your team on-site or virtually
    • Reduce travel expenses and out-of-office production loss.

Virtual Training Formats:
Virtual training events can be held in a number of ways, so depending on your organization’s style, our event development team can adjust to meet your expectations.

  • Webinar: Online through video conferencing (60-minute sessions to all-day events)
  • One-to-One: One learner to one instructor
  • Small-Group: A small group of learners with one instructor in a classroom setting
  • Summit: A large group of learners with one instructor
  • Workshop: Hands-on training
  • Virtual Classrooms: Online meetings with immersive technology
  • Continued Education: Additional follow-up sessions or consulting hours

Let’s get in touch

Reach out to us on (484) 259-7664 or (800) 964-6033, drop us an email at, or engage in a conversation with our seasoned program advisors by clicking on the chat button. Alternatively, you can share your information using our inquiry form, accessible here.