Reviewing Formulas and Functions Part 2: AVERAGE in Excel

Learning a selection of Excel formulas can take your reports to the next level. Mastering a few tips and tricks can not only save time for working professionals but using Excel formulas can help double-check the values listed on a spreadsheet. To simplify your work and make sure you’re presenting accurate data, take a look at how to use the AVERAGE formula.

AVERAGE in Excel

The AVERAGE function is used to determine the average value or number in a list of numbers. It effectively finds the midpoint of a number sequence. 

Using the AVERAGE Formula

To determine the average of a list of numbers in an Excel spreadsheet, use the following formula:

  • =AVERAGE(C4:C9)

You can also find the average of several number sequences by separating them with commas.

  • =AVERAGE(C4:C9, B5:B7)

We at Learn Excel Now hope you feel comfortable creating using the SUM function in Excel. Next week, we’ll wrap up the series with COUNT function in Excel so stay tuned!

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