Looking for a template to solve your Excel problem? Or a guide to help you with Excel? Our resources are available to help you in Excel right now.

  • Business Plan Check List

    Using the SWOT model, this business plan check list is the perfect guide to help you think through your next proposal. Easy-to-use options will allow you to track what you need before going to your boss!

  • Daily Task List Template

    Managing your daily tasks has never been easier! This template allows you to customize fields and use the plug & play options to quickly update statuses and track production.

  • Sales Commission Calculator

    Use this template to easily calculate commission based on a sliding rate per revenue. Then, use the built-in pivot table to see total commission payouts per salesperson!

  • 2017 Calendar

    Start the year off right with our 2016 Calendar! Mark off important days, create reminders, and have the perfect system for counting down to any day on the horizon.

  • Excel Macro Button: Getting Started with Macros

    This quick-reference guide will orient you with one of Excel's most useful features: Macros. Designed with beginners in mind, this provides an easy introduction to get started.

  • Excel Pivot Tables: Step-by-Step Guide

    This handy guide is a great resource to quickly reference how to go about creating Pivot Tables. Don't pivot without it!

  • Essential Excel Tips: Tips All New Users Must Know

    Using Excel is a necessary part of the workplace, but most people fail to get the most out of it. Discover the secrets that save time and improve results.