Reverse Engineering an Excel Workbook: How to Edit an Inherited Workbook

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If you've inherited an Excel workbook, you know the frustration of trying to figure out what the workbook's designer was thinking when they put it together. You may be experiencing the unhappy results of changing something over here and watching something break over there. Every improvement you try to make seems to create different problems. While it is tempting to just throw it out and start over, there may be some valuable information that will be lost forever. This program will help you navigate through a workbook to discover its underpinnings and inside workings. We'll cover:

  • Discovering where formulas are and how they're working
  • Tracing precedents and dependents to know what can and can't be deleted
  • Uncovering conditional formatting schemesUsing tools, like Watch Windows and Track Changes
  • Uncovering where things are going wrong & How to fix them .

The DTA Difference: Also get these additional training tools for greater retention:

  • 15 minutes of assisted exercises to boost your performance right away
  • 30 minutes of interaction & live Q&A session!
  • Customized & graded final exam to boost your retention & test your knowledge

Program Highlights

Excel Strategies to Uncover Formulas, Functions, Formatting & More

  • Quick tips on showing what formulas are in use
  • Reverse engineering precedents and dependents
  • Essential tools & how to use them: Watch Windows, Track changes & more
  • Finding, editing and duplicating conditional formatting

Creating Reference Files for Audit and Documentation

  • Keys to successfully diagnosing where formulas are failing
  • Correct workbook and worksheet cell references within formulas quickly
  • Know exactly what you can and can't delete and keep the workbook functioning
  • How to improve older workbooks to work with today's Excel functionality

Additional Training Tools:

  • 15-minute exercises session designed to boost your skills right away
  • A 30-minute interactive Q&A session to have all your Excel questions answered!
  • Customized & graded final exam to boost your retention & test your knowledge

Live Question & Answer Session - Have your questions answered by the expert!

About The Speaker

Melissa Esquibel is a technology consultant, coach, trainer and speaker.

  • She is a consultant, frequent speaker and Microsoft Certified Trainer
  • Since 1991, Ms. Esquibel has assisted a variety of companies and industries with Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook) all versions through 2010.
  • Melissa has 25+ years experience in information technology with a background in training, technical writing and business risk analysis

Program Benefits

Discover how you can edit and improve the existing workbooks you get sent within your company by joining us for this 90-minute, interactive, live, online training.

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