Excel Power Pivot Course: Live, Online & Instructor-led with Labs

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Using more than one data set, as well as massive data sets, in Pivot Tables is cumbersome and often limits your ability to read the data.

Starting with version 2010, Excel introduced a solution to this issue - the PowerPivot Tool. This tool allows you to analyze more than one dataset at a time and scale your data. PowerPivot allows you to provide "query" based pivot tables for related datasets.

No VLookUps, no cutting and pasting - using PowerPivot allows you to do more in less time and massive datasets understandable. Add the power of PowerView and Get&Transorm and you can turn Excel into a powerhouse solution for big data.

In this instructor-led, online course with a live demonstration in Excel, you will learn how to use PowerPivot effectively.

After attending, you will be able to:

  • Determine what datasets are appropriate for PowerPivot
  • Work with PowerPivot in Excel and in the PowerPivot window
  • Perform calculation using PowerPivot data
  • Understand the difference between appending data & relating data
  • Scale your reports based on PowerPivot data
The Learn Excel Now AdvantageGet these additional training tools for greater retention:
  • 15 minutes of assisted exercises to increase your performance right away
  • 30 minutes of interaction & live Q&A session!
  • Post-webinar follow ups: Email the questions you didn't ask live

Program Highlights

Excel PowerPivot: Essential Must-Know Concepts for Your Success

  • When you should use PowerPivot: Appropriate datasets
  • Know the PowerPivot terminology by the version of Excel you have
  • The difference between appending data and relating data
  • How to avoid upgrade issues when moving to a different version of Excel

Putting Excel PowerPivot to Use: Practical Guidance on What You Can Do

  • Demo on using PowerPivot in Excel & in the PowerPivot window
  • How you can perform calculations using PowerPivot
  • What measures are and how to create them
  • How reports based on PowerPivot data scale

Additional Training Tools:

  • 15-minute exercises session designed to boost your skills right away
  • A 30-minute interactive Q&A session to have all your Excel questions answered!
  • Customized & graded final exam to boost your retention & test your knowledge

About The Speaker

Melissa Esquibel is a technology consultant, coach, trainer and speaker.

  • She is a consultant, frequent speaker and Microsoft Certified Trainer
  • Since 1991, Ms. Esquibel has assisted a variety of companies and industries with Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook) all versions through 2016.
  • Melissa has 25+ years experience in information technology with a background in training, technical writing and business risk analysis

Program Benefits

In this hands-on and interactive, 90-mintue online training, you will gain the skills and knowledge to effectively use Excel PowerPivot to do more with your data.

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