Excel Essentials: Formula & Functions Bootcamp with Labs

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In this 90-minute, hands-on training, discover essential Excel formulas and functions to solve your Excel problems and finish your daily checklist faster. Join Excel expert Mitzi Katz for a 45-minute training packed with live demonstrations, followed by 15-minute of assisted exercises and a 30-minute interactive Q&A session that will drastically impact your learning curve and retention. In this comprehensive event, you will discover:

  • Must-know formulas: SUM, AVERAGE, percentages, Counts, & more
  • Using the power of statistical & financial functions: Make daily tasks easier
  • Formatting tricks in a few clicks: Showcase your data & highlight the vital info
  • New formulas that will help you solve tough problems: Prevent annoying errors
  • Key functions you can't live without - VLOOKUP, INDEX, MATCH & more!
The Learn Excel Now DifferenceGet these additional training tools for greater retention:
  • 15 minutes of assisted exercises to increase your performance right away
  • 30 minutes of interaction & live Q&A session!
  • Customized & graded final exam to affect your retention & test your knowledge

Program Highlights

Timesaving Excel Power Functions, Faster Formulas & Helper Cells

  • Vital functions & formulas: New tricks to help ease your day
  • Autosum tricks to analyze data quickly
  • How to write "IF statements" that save hours of manual typing
  • VLOOKUP - quickly find info in current and other worksheets

Math, Financial & Statistical Formulas Made Easy

  • PivotTable & Array Formulas that everyone should know
  • Be more efficient with these functions: INDEX, MATCH, OFFSET & INDIRECT
  • Quickly identify trends with powerful statistical functions
  • Tricks to easily summarize your data & converting Formulas to Values

Additional Excel Dashboard Training Tools:

  • 15-minute Formula & Function exercise session designed to boost your skills immediately
  • A 30-minute interactive Q&A session to answer all your formula questions!
  • Customized & graded final exam to affect your retention & test your knowledge

About The Speaker

Mitzi Gibson Katz has trained thousands of end users and developed curriculum for over twenty-five years.

  • As a consultant, she specializes in the Microsoft Office suite including Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook and much more.
  • After teaching a variety of special education classes in Kansas, Montana, and Alaska for the early part of her career, Mitzi became interested in technology as the first personal computers were introduced to the market. She made the change in careers from public school education to private computer training and has been teaching students how to use software applications ever since.
  • Mitzi helps students understand Excel by her passion: "It's the people part of the business that keeps me involved.

Program Benefits

Learn powerful formulas and formatting techniques in Excel, saving you time and avoiding frustration. Join us for this comprehensive, 90-minute Excel Lab that brings you all the power of live demonstrations, assisted exercises and a live and longer Q&A session.

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